Generation Snowflake Not Ready for Gas Price Controls

Biden says “all options are on the table”, including price controls on gas.

Nixon and Carter did this in the 1970s. We ended up with gas lines, odd-even day gas rations and closed pumps. Only when Reagan lifted price controls in 1981 did it all end. Why? Because the rising cost of gas is a SUPPLY problem. We have too little supply of gas relative to demand because Biden cut off America’s supply of oil produced BY OUR OWN COUNTRY.

This is madness. It’s impeachable. Frankly, I view it as criminal. Biden as well as everyone working for him should be arrested for this attack on our economic stability.

We are literally an occupied country.

And it’s about to get a whole lot worse with the return of price controls. Today’s snowflake generation is NOT ready for it. They will cry, scream, stamp their feet, throw their cell phones and blame oil companies, capitalism and freedom. And then they will demand even more socialism.

The great thing about the 1970s is they eventually ended. With ignorance, brainwashing, eager media censorship and election fraud so rampant today, I don’t see it ending; not this time.



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