Government-Run Schools: Legally Sanctioned Child Molesters

Imagine if some private company opened up a school. People were forced to pay for the school with the threat of fines or imprisonment. The school gets to hire whomever it wishes to teach whatever it wishes to teach, with no accountability whatsoever.

By “no accountability” I mean: The teachers and school officials get paid, and the school stays open, even if nobody goes; or even if the results are poor. But most people are forced to send their kids to this school, because most cannot afford any other schools.

If I proposed something like this, you would say that I’m crazy. Yet this is EXACTLY what government-run schools are.

I blame the government for inflicting this situation on people in the first place. But, frankly, I blame parents who keep sending their children into these schools and expecting the outcome to be any different from what it is.

Parents would NEVER let strangers go off with their children for hours on end, especially if those strangers face no accountability for physically injuring or sexually abusing their children. Yet they let strangers openly and brazenly committed to indoctrination, brainwashing, “grooming” and all the rest take control of their childrens’ bodies and minds for 12 years on end. And they marvel at the disastrous outcome.

You can’t fix stupid. The government and its schools are clearly unadulterated evil. But people who keep delivering themselves (and their children) into the hands of evil, while expecting different results, really have to take at least SOME responsibility at SOME point.
Not a popular view, I realize.

But the truth is never popular … until it sets in with 20/20 clarity. Then you can’t run from it.




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