Why I Support the NRA Even MORE Now

The dropping out of people previously committed to speak at the NRA convention out of “compassion” for people killed by a lunatic in Texas is revealing.

Trump and Ted Cruz are holding firm. They will speak anyway. Texas’ wobbly Governor Abbott dropped out. So, of course, did certain celebrities, such as the singer Don McLean.

It shows you who values optics more, and who values reality more. One fool recently wrote on my Facebook feed, “There’s nothing wrong with showing compassion by dropping out of the NRA convention.” What does showing compassion have to do with anything? The point of the NRA convention is to uphold the right of PEACEFUL, CIVILIZED people to possess weapons of self-defense. THAT’S A COMPASSIONATE POSITION, if compassion is your # 1 priority. One, because the government is not always competent or just; and two, because the government cannot always be there to protect you, even when it is competent or just. Letting people survive is compassion.

In no way does upholding your right to self-defense show a lack of compassion toward people whose lives were ruined by a person with no such regard for life. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIMS. If you’re looking for someone to blame, then blame the politicians and officials who run these death camps we still label public schools. And — to be brutally honest — I will increasingly blame the parents who continue to send their vulnerable children into those danger zones, the only places where these things happen. Parents still have other choices, although they should be given more, via tax credits and tax reductions for education.

I admire Trump and Cruz for going to the NRA convention anyway, and I hope they hold firm. When you care about REALITY and facts — over and above what you think sycophants and idiots will say about you — then you are showing you are made of the right stuff.

Sadly, almost nobody in positions of “leadership” has those qualities these days.

If you ask me, this is a better time than ever to give a donation to the NRA. It may be the last organization standing with any support whatsoever for the waning notion of individual rights.

When those rights are totally gone, believe me: You will miss them.



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