Do Children Really Know They’re “Trans”?

“Your child isn’t Trans. Your child is impressionable & you are an abuser.”

— Chad Prather

As a mental health professional, I agree 100 percent. Most of my colleagues agree privately, but are terrified to say so. I am not.

From a thread discussion regarding a post I did on how little children can’t yet know if they’re gay or “trans”:

You can tell a child, “It’s OK to be gay. All that matters is that there’s love,” or whatever it is you believe. You are obliged, as a parent, to tell your children what you honestly believe without regard to what the authorities in media or government (the least intellectually and morally qualified of anyone) want you to say. But even if you tell your child that it’s fine to be gay, you don’t affirm that he is or is not gay, at the age of 9. It’s reasonable to simply say, “You may need more time to conclude that for sure. Just give it time.” And you’re setting behavioral limits/rules on your 9 year old or even 15 year old regardless of whether he’s gay, or anything else. That’s not what we’re being told today. A child — even a 6 year old — now has unlimited power over everyone simply by uttering the words, “I’m gay” or (even more powerfully) “I’m trans.”

Once he or she states these words, entire families, school systems and civilizations must come to a screeching halt. And if you raise so much as a whimper of concern, you are treated as the most heinous moral beast in all of history, surpassing Hitler and Stalin combined. This is stark, raving madness. Actually, in all honesty, it’s sheer evil. And to be told that you’re against adults who fit into these categories (gay, trans of whatever) simply because you refuse to acknowledge that a 9 year old or 12 year old can possibly be sure of such a thing at an immature age is truly vicious and inconceivable. At least, it would have been inconceivable as recently as 3 or 4 years ago, even among mental health professionals (who, at this point, even at Harvard conferences that I have attended, are still afraid even to “go there.”). The world has truly gone mad. Stark, raving mad. I say that as a mental health professional and also as a sad, grieving human who once loved civilization and is heartbroken to see it fall so savagely, and so quickly.



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