Why Biden & Members of His Regime Should All Be Arrested

“Biden: Putin Should Face War Crimes Trial for Bucha Killings”

Me: Biden is a war criminal and should face trial for the following:

Deliberately raising the price of fuel to unsustainable levels, setting millions on the road to unnecessary and avoidable impoverishment;

Deliberately devaluing the currency through generation of unsustainable, inconceivable debt and spending;

Destruction of the American military through elevating anti-Americans to the status of top generals who deliberately lost Afghanistan;

Indirectly and deliberately strengthening our enemies such as China, Russia and Iran, making nuclear, chemical and biological warfare a greater possibility than ever before;

Forcing experimental vaccinations on the population through illegal, unconstitutional executive orders, vaccines for which the companies making huge profits on them face no liability whatsoever, an unheard of policy post-Middle Ages;

Imprisoning alleged January 6 protesters with no due process, and no hope of even a biased trial in the foreseeable future, if ever–the most brazen violation of our original Constitution’s spirit and explicit requirements since 1776;

Classifying parents of children in government-run schools as “domestic terrorists” for peacefully challenging and petitioning the government to alter its course curriculum.

For these, and many other reasons, Biden, his family and all connected with him should not merely be impeached, but arrested, tried and convicted in accordance with their offenses against the American people, the Constitution and the rights of man.

Anything less than this — and America is going down. We simply cannot let this stand and expect life as we used to know it to be restored.

Putin may well be an SOB. But so is Biden. And he — and the people Biden works for — are a more direct threat to OUR country and OUR freedom than Putin could ever hope to be.




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