Woke Idiots With Signs in Your Yards: Your Errors are Unforgivable

If you were a black person, and your neighbors or friends put a KKK symbol in their yard, how would you feel?

I would be pretty upset. But when I see a Biden-Harris or pro-Black Lives Matter sign, I want even LESS to do with the people who post them. Ditto for such views expressed on social media. Why? Because the KKK, while evil, seeks to eradicate the rights of one group. The fascist-Marxist hybrid that comprises Biden-Harris and BLM seek to destroy ALL rights for EVERYONE–with the exception of a small connected elite, of course.

I am not minimizing the evil or terror inflicted by a racial supremacist group, such as the KKK, back when it was truly a force in some areas. But BLM supports violence and injustice against people by race, as well. How is this any more acceptable? And Biden-Harris have advocated: policies of inflation; unsustainable fuel prices; the eradication of police and gun rights for peaceful citizens; dangerous weakening of the military; classification of political dissension as domestic terrorism; forced experimental medical procedures; indoctrination of children with racist and Marxist ideology; as well as censorship and the obliteration of our Bill of Rights.

It was possible to rebuild after the destruction caused by the KKK and some parts of the South. When Biden-Harris are done, there will be little left of the prosperity and freedom we largely take for granted in America.

My freedom and liberty are my natural entitlement, no matter what some ignorant hack appointed by Biden-Harris to the Supreme Court claims. If I were black, and you openly supported the KKK, I would regard you with the lowest conceivable esteem. Because I am an individual human (race aside), I regard you with even LESS esteem (if that’s possible) when you support what is happening in America and the other remnants of the free world today. Our differences are irreconcilable and what you support is unforgivable.





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