“Don’t Say Gay”: Another Leftist Smear & Propaganda Campaign

“Don’t Say Gay” is a dishonest, leftist smear campaign — like all propaganda campaigns from any dictatorship. The Flordia law does not forbid parents from discussing homosexuality or anything else with their kids. It only says that certain aspects of sex education should be left out of the classroom. It’s also a way to prevent government-run schools from encouraging children to consider themselves transsexual — and perhaps even take medical steps toward “changing genders” — without parental consent.

Who would have thought we’d ever reach a point like this? It’s still illegal to vote or join the military until you’re 18; it’s still illegal to drink alcohol until you’re 21; but it’s OK to engage in hormone treatments/psychological “counseling” without parental knowledge and consent at the age of six or ten. It’s all something worse than madness.

Unfortunately, the Flordia law cannot succeed at what it intends to do, even if a Biden-stacked/RINO Supreme Court fails to strike the law down (which it almost certainly will.) Why? Because this is what happens when government gets involved in education. Education and state must be kept separate. Education must be 100 percent private. If it’s not, then government holds a monopoly over what is taught, and how it is taught.

The same people who would never accept state-run newspapers/websites or state-run churches keep signing on for state-run education, somehow thinking the results will be different. ANY totalitarian knows that the way to rule a society is to first get hold of its children. For several generations now, leftists (even when conservatives like Ronald Reagan were in office) have been doing so. Witness the results — a generation of millennials mostly socialist/woke and in many cases unable to cope with their own fragile emotional states. The present schools are now gearing up to produce something even worse: a generation of American Maoists in preparation for a completely totalitarian regime not unlike the Soviet regime of the past or the Chinese Communist Party regime today. Frankly, we’re just about there. Recalcitrant parents in Virginia, Florida and in other places are the only things left standing in the way. Is it any wonder the Biden regime openly threatens to imprison them, first by labeling them “domestic terrorists”?

If anything leads to civil war and/or breakup of what remains of the USA, it will be the battle over education. Leftists in total control of the federal government are NOT going to surrender. They WILL jail American parents, including parents in Florida, if they don’t get their way. They care nothing for gay people or “transgendered” people. You cannot care about the rights of groups when you have ZERO regard for the rights of man. They are totalitarians through and through, and these poor, ignorant saps in the LGBT “community” fall for it.

The transgender and “gay” issues are just wedge issues for the seizure of power. Communists and fascists like Hitler have always used these tactics. It’s the federal government’s way of saying, “Hey, I can do ANYTHING I want to your kids. I dare you to try and stop me.” Governor DeSantis in Florida is that rare kind of Republican who dares to try. But short of total privatization of education, decent and rational people will never win the war. And, quite frankly, short of secession from our rotten federal leftist regime — corrupt beyond all repair, at this point — Florida will not get its way, sadly.




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