It’s So Easy to “Stand With Ukraine” While Ignoring Tyranny in D.C.

“Standing With Ukraine” while supporting Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, China, Soros & Co. in their destruction of freedom makes you a loathsome hypocrite.


Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served in the role under the Obama and Trump administrations, said on Friday that Democrat President Joe Biden needed to immediately resign to spare putting the country through more suffering because Biden is not mentally fit to be president.

“Biden doesn’t know what’s going on with Ukraine,” Jackson tweeted. “He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING! He’s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more.”

We’re screwed with or without Biden. The Democratic Communists are an occupation, openly hostile to the U.S. Constitution, individual rights and economic freedom. We have to get rid of all of them, not just Biden.




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