Virtue-Signaling About Russia While America’s Dictatorship Grows

The Russian government passed a law threatening 15 years in prison for anyone in Russia who publishes or states “fake news” about the war in Ukraine. The definition of “fake” is determined by the Russian government.

When COVID was still a thing, the Biden regime threatened Facebook, Twitter and others who spread “fake news” about the rushed vaccine, with “fake” to be defined by the government. Biden’s press secretary not only admitted it, but bragged about it. Facebook openly begs for this censorship they call “regulation.”

While America does not yet have explicit laws against speech opposed by the government, the attitude and actions of Biden’s regime are based on precisely the same principle as Putin’s. We have a dictatorship in practice, if not yet officially.

So: Why in the hell is it suddenly fashionable to protest the tyranny of Russia’s dictatorship without even recognizing the tyranny of America’s own emerging dictatorship?

Russia is reportedly suffering from rising inflation and gas prices due to Putin’s actions. Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, America was suffering the same consequences because of Biden’s deliberate actions against our economy.

I am all for arresting and convicting everyone associated with Putin’s regime as a war criminal, if somebody can do it.

When will we arrest and convict everyone associated with Biden’s lawless regime? Are they never going to be held accountable for what they’re doing? What happens when the next round of election fraud keeps them in power? What happens when they decide to declare a “national emergency”, perhaps ensuring elections won’t happen? These people are brilliant at duplicity, and they have (so far) met with a completely compliant American population.

Bidenistas are not going to reform themselves any more than Putin’s henchmen. Americans need to worry about and defeat our dictatorship at home, rather than virtue-signaling concern for others. And, by the way: Ukraine won’t last 5 minutes if America falls, and under Biden’s regime America is certainly falling.



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