Even Jimmy Carter Wasn’t This Bad

He was actually better. He at least acted like he thought inflation, gas shortages and cultural decline were bad things. He was hapless, but he didn’t laugh at your pain, he knew what year it was and you KNEW he was going away because elections were not yet rigged.


Biden’s policies are not irrational; they are evil.

He’s not mistaken; he’s trying to destroy the country.

In that context, EVERYTHNIG he’s doing makes logical sense. Mistakes of this magnitude are not innocent.


The Truth No Longer Matters — Even in America

How can you form rational, objective opinions about what’s going on with Ukraine, or anything else, if:

1) The media is brazenly dishonest, only reporting facts that support their narrative and political agenda, and suppressing facts when necessary in service of their woke, “progressive” narrative; and outright lying when necessary (as with the Trump/Russia hoax and so very much about COVID);

2) The government of the U.S., given the bought-and-sold Biden regime, the Deep State and the rotten, corrupt RINOs as well, is no less corrupt than the governments of Russia, Iran, North Korea, China or anyone else involved;

3) The narrative of the media and the government, including the U.S. government, is upside down of what it should be: In other words, instead of being on the side of objective truth, individual rights, private markets and freedom, the media and government of the United States is utterly the opposite — blatantly on the side of collectivism, statism, and the corresponding intellectual dishonesty to serve any expedient whim of the moment and even to advance outright tyranny (as we saw with Canada recently).

Objective truth is possible and necessary in order to form rational, life-sustaining judgments and to have any clue about what’s going on anywhere in the world, at any time. But, at this point in time, neither the American government nor the American media (essentially one and the same now) can be trusted. THAT is a first in the history of a previously free, generally decent country. We must come to grips with it, because there’s no way that what the American government tells us matters any more than what the Chinese or Russian governments are telling us.




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