America: The Psychological Scene of an Accident

The transformation from COVID hysteria to Ukraine hysteria is like watching a psychological trian wreck.

Once again, we’re seeing how people get instantly transformed by whatever the mass media tells them to get excited about.

For the last 2 years, the central purpose of life was NOT getting a cold — AND making sure everyone knew that your central purpose of life was not getting a cold. It had nothing to do with not getting a cold. It had everything to do with making it look like you CARE. You wore masks, you got an ineffective (perhaps dangerous), rushed-to-market vaccine because others MUST know that you CARE.

Now, in a literally overnight change, the central purpose of life appears to be making sure others know you care about Ukraine. It’s hard to know what’s really going on in Ukraine, since the media routinely lies and only reports things (making things up when necessary) to advance their narrative, which is to keep the Biden regime and other like-minded hard leftists in power.

The point, again, is: Make sure others know you CARE.

Being SEEN as caring is the central purpose of our time. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle for doing so is pretending to be hysterical over a cold (with a 99.99 percent survival rate), or whether the vehicle for doing so is pretending to be up at night, sobbing and thrashing in bed, because Putin has invaded Ukraine. The vehicle is whatever the media tells us it’s to be. The media is in perfect alignment with the powers that be.

It’s fascinating, in a train wreck kind of way. America has literally morphed into a full-blown, totalitarian dictatorship. The media did it to us. But the media has no guns or force. Remnants of free speech even remain (for the moment).  Most of us did it to ourselves. Our lack of critical thinking; our truly shameful mental and intellectual laziness; our neurotic terror of not being one of the pack; and — first and foremost — our preeminent concern with others knowing (or at least perceiving) that we CARE … these are the only things that matter. More, it seems, than economic prosperity, individual rights, and the once sacred pursuit of happiness.

I can tell you that these are not the things that make countries or individuals great. Moral weakness, psychological second-handedness and a truly bizarre, media-driven preoccupation with what others think of you will not defeat empires, viruses or anything else.

The enemy is inside.

Human beings need self-esteem, independence and integrity to survive. There’s shockingly little left of that in America. It’s truly a sad thing to see.




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