Look! The Communists Have no Masks!

Communists in the Party have ditched their masks. They are on to something new. Be very afraid.


Joe Biden in the White House seems like a basis for declaring a state of emergency.


State of the Union? What Union?

Millions of us want a DIVORCE.

Go to hell, DemComs.


If it’s evil to drill for gas in North America, why is it NOT evil to let brutal Putin drill for gas in Russia, ship it to us and fund his brutality through our purchase of it?

Ask your leftist friends to explain.


Facebook has sent me notice that I’m REQUIRED to adopt their “safety” program called “Facebook Protect.” It’s not optional. I have to be “protected” whether I want to be, or not. How novel. The reason given? Because I have a large number of followers and — they say — I must therefore be protected. My questions: WHO is being protected here — and from whom? Why does this protection have to be forced? I wonder if people with leftist points of view are getting the same thing?



State of the Unition?

Look at gas and grocery prices. The real estate bubble. Idiots still wearing masks. Censorship on social media. Criminals running free, crime skyrocketing. Tyrants from Canada to Russia flourishing.

There’s your state of the union!


Speaking of ominous, this is one of the best books EVER: The Ominous Parallels, by Leonard Peikoff. (The original subtitle was: The End of Freedom in America) Why? Because it explains the deepest philosophical and psychological origins of dictatorship, and how such trends observed by the author in America in the 1970s and 1980s were slowly evolving into–well, exactly what we have today. It seemed surreal to read this book in the 80s or 90s, but today it almost seems tame.




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