The Absurdity of Condemning Russian Tyranny When You’re a Tyrant Yourself

I didn’t watch Biden’s “state of the Union”, but the pictures suggest he gave much of the speech with his eyes closed.

You want to say to him: Joe, close your eyes, count to 10 and repeat: “Communism works. Communism works. Public ownership of the means of production is the key to prosperity, happiness and justice.” Close your eyes, and THAT will make it true!


Biden’s State Department called on Putin and the Russian government to “immediately cease this bloodshed” and withdraw forces from Ukraine. It also accused Moscow of launching a “full war on media freedom and the truth” by blocking independent news outlets and social media to prevent Russians from hearing news of the invasion of Ukraine.

Consider the irony here. Biden’s regime orders social media companies NOT to permit the posting of studies or medical opinions that challenge government policy on vaccines. It’s laughable that our government can challenge Russia for its censorship. Our government has ZERO moral authority, and even the Russians know it.


IDIOT Biden says oil sanctions against Russia are on the table. Is energy independence for America on the table??


Let’s be honest.

It doesn’t matter if Trump “wins in 2024.”

America as we we knew it is over. No election will save you. It will be riddled with fraud, and we all know that, having lived it already.


Half of your countrymen are lunatics, or are simply stupid and ignorant. Have you TALKED with leftists? Their ignorance and willful evasion are staggering — simply staggering. I now fully grasp how Nazi Germany happened. The Germans were more innocent than today’s fools, because today there is (despite censorship) so much information and so many ideas available to foster actual thinking.

It’s too late for elections. A country with so many fools cannot be salvaged. The good guys will have to start our own culture and ultimately our own government. Sorry, but I am right, and on some level many of you already know it.


Is Putin crazy? Of course. He’s a sociopath. That’s mental illness. Biden, Pelosi and all the other DemComs are sociopaths, too. It’s not news.



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