Subjectivism Always Leads to Brutality

James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, said on Breitbart radio this morning: “There’s only one reality — you don’t get multiple realities.” He was referring to real journalism, which we don’t see anymore. Real journalists seek the truth. That means the objective truth. Today’s “journalists” simply report on a prepackaged, predetermined narrative, the same way media outlets working for a dictatorship would do.

It got me thinking. Progressives, before they unmasked themselves, always claimed to be tolerant, diverse and on the side of “multiple realities.” Until recently, the hallmark of being a leftist was saying things like, “What’s true for you isn’t necessarily true for me, or others.” Of course, once these miserable leftists got power, we now know where they really stand. There is ONE reality about the virus; any other consideration will be censored. There is ONE right course of action — get the “vaccine”, and shut the hell up. There is ONE right answer to any question of the day, when leftists are in charge. You WILL adopt that answer, and if you disagree, the hell with you. You’re branded a “domestic terrorist.”

For the clearest illustration of what leftism has become, check out the recent events in Canada, with regard to the now muzzled and fined or jailed truckers (and all their supporters).

Subjectivism leads to dictatorship. That’s the lesson here. It’s not the people who advocate for one objective reality who enslave us. They subject themselves to PROOF, facts and logic. Subjectivists only have their feelings. And their feelings WILL carry the day, not just intellectually but behaviorally as well.

Lurking beneath the faux veneer of any “New Age” subjectivist is the brutality of a dictator. It makes sense, because feelings alone are the province of savages — not rational, decent or free people.




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