A Wave of Tyranny

In France paramilitary forces are beating the shit out of citizens on the street. I’ve seen the footage. Brutal baton wielding attacks on young women where five or six men in black balaclavas and combat gear all attack one person who is offering no violence.

In New Zealand, a country in which many people have relatives abroad, the right to travel has been denied to such an extent that it has been described as a ‘hermit nation’. What was one of the most outward looking and internationally connected nations on Earth has become a bizarre island prison that only the extremely wealthy and politically connected may visit or leave.

In Canada, laws designed for dealing with extraordinary crisis during wartime are now invoked in order to close off entirely peaceful protests. Bank accounts are frozen arbitrarily, donations seized, the demonising might of the media unleashed to try to pretend that the most peaceful demonstrations we have witnessed anywhere in the world are a coup by far right white supremacists. Medical tyranny is in full operation, and the most fundamental right to even criticise government policy is in tatters. Only the exceptional decency of the protestors has prevented violence, which the government itself is keen to offer. It is likely that French style jackboot solutions will soon be offered to a crisis entirely of the political elites own making.

In the US, we saw thousands of troops in the capital, present for months, making Washington a militarised zone where a false, illegally installed puppet President could totter to his throne commode. We see people guilty of nothing worse than trespass still detained as political prisoners more than a year after their arrest, and tortured during that detainment. We saw an election stolen with the complicity of an entire political and judicial class, and we have seen the disastrous consequences as devastatingly idiotic policies have humiliated the US and handed global supremacy to China. Strenuous efforts are now being made to create a war with a nuclear armed Russian opponent, whilst the bewildered President of Ukraine screams at US and European leaders that the only threat of war facing his nation is the one they are manufacturing.

Typically, perhaps, the U.K. version of this wave of tyranny throughout the Anglosphere has been as farcical as it is sinister, involving a fair share of bawdy 1960s sex farce as architects of oppression like Hancock and Ferguson have been caught breaking their own rules to ‘get their leg over’. Whilst the full horrific reality of injecting kids with dangerous experimental medicines has occurred in the U.K., our unique combination of apathy and incompetence has mitigated some of the excesses seen elsewhere, more by error than design. We haven’t had any large scale brave rebellion in the Canadian mode, but the surly, unspoken, ‘fuck that’ response of not doing anything has grown. Rather than being defeated, the engines of tyranny have spluttered to a halt as somebody forgot to fill the tanks of the tanks. It may be a temporary respite, or apathy might win what activity could not.

Anyone who thinks any of the above is normal, of course, is as lunatic in their presumptions as the leaders of these nations. Centuries of standing for greater freedom than the rest of the world knows has been discarded. This alone is a tectonic shifting of the political landscape, and one whose consequences will last even where mandates do not.

-Bartholomew Chiaroscuro



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