What a Glorious Time to Be a Tyrant

The government has no rights. Only individuals do. Once the government declares war on individual rights, its legitimacy is over.

It’s a glorious time to be a tyrant.

“Emergency Acts” are the new Totalitarianism. Hitler and Stalin would approve.

Tyrants like Trudeau are brutally lawless. They don’t care about rights, votes or law. They will not go voluntarily.

“As all eyes were trained on the aggressive police sweep of the Ottawa trucker convoy this week, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s administration was quietly moving to implement a sweeping expansion of surveillance power at the federal level.

The Trudeau government’s financial war against the truckers has been covered at length. But one underreported aspect of this broader assault on Canadian civil liberties is the effort to bring crowdfunding and payment service providers — two of the most prominent routes for financial transactions on the Internet — under the permanent control of a centralized government authority.” [National Review 2/20/22]

Until or unless the former free world has another 1776, we’re on a straight line course to Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Cuba and Iran.

It’s not just Canada, either.

“New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell was pictured on Friday without a mask at the Mardi Gras Ball she hosted in Gallier Hall, several weeks after reinstating mask mandates for schools and indoor public spaces in the city, Fox News reported.”

The American Revolution was fought over less tyranny than what we see today. Yet the fools in these deep blue cities keep saying, “Hurt me more! Hurt me more!” Nothing changes. Not one of these horrible, twisted sadists in office pay any price. Ever. Neither does Trudeau in Canada. And we wonder why Russian and Chinese aggression are on the rise.



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