Biden’s Imagined War and the Real Civil War at Home

Will the armed forces/police of previously free countries attack their own citizens? In Canada, like Australia, we now know the answer. What about America? America’s time is coming.

Thousands of semitruck drivers are expected to take part in the coast-to-coast “People’s Convoy” to protest government COVID-19 mandates starting Wednesday, Feb. 23, says organizer Maureen Steele.

“We have well over 1,000 truckers. I’ve lost count right now and I know it’s going to grow,” Steele told Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance [on Newsmax TV].”

“Our support staff is enormous. We have the Unity Project and they have hundreds of nonprofits that are under them so they literally have thousands of people helping pull this event off. So, it’s a huge undertaking, as you can imagine, getting all these trucks and all these people across the country and managing safety and logistics and comms. It’s an enormous group of people. I know Canada had hundreds. We have thousands,” she added.


Where are the calls to “defund the police” now that Canada’s cops have turned on peaceful citizens?

Arrest and freeze the funds of all politicians. Lock them up, jab them, mask them, shame them, stifle their speech and disarm them. Take their dogs, cats and children away. See how they like it.

A reader on Facebook comments: Funny how people like the police when it suits their purposes.


Biden vs. Putin is not good vs. evil. It’s evil vs. evil. If you think American troops are advancing freedom and justice by serving Biden, you’re delusional.

American troops in the Ukraine are to fight and die for … what, exactly? Vax and mask mandates? Censorship? Open borders? Unlimited taxes? Fiscal insolvency? Gun confiscation? Election fraud?

Strength does not start wars. Weakness and stupidity do. Biden will be more to blame than even Putin, if WW III starts now.


Leftists call anyone who wishes to be free a “terrorist.” It’s because a leftist experiences TERROR at the idea of anyone being free.

If Trudeau can shut down truckers’ bank accounts, why can’t truckers shut down Trudeau’s food supply?

When BLM loots and burns entire cities because they want full Communism NOW, the police stand down. When truckers stand peacefully and simply demand their individual rights back, the storm troopers descend. We are morally upside down.




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