Just Following Orders

Here’s what we’re being told — not asked, but TOLD — to swallow today:

Truth is subjective. Except when the authorities say it. What the authorities say is SCIENCE. What the Party, media and government schools state is unquestionable objective truth. It must and will be followed.

But truth is still subjective. Who are YOU to suggest that gender is fixed? Who are YOU to suggest that 1 plus 1 equals 2, if answering the question wrong leads to social injustice (whatever that is) in the classroom? Who are YOU to suggest that there’s a right and a wrong — unless, in practice, your definition of “right” or “wrong” conforms to the Party’s narrative, and leads to the universal behavior the Party wants from all citizens?

Freedom doesn’t mean sovereignty over your body, mind and individual life or property. Freedom means freedom from want. If you can get $50K from the government a year for FREE, without lifting a finger, then you’re free. If you’re expected to do the work to provide that $50K a year to another who will get that income for free, you’re also free, because self-sacrifice means freedom. Only you’re not allowed to complain.

Liberty means you can have whatever whim you desire fulfilled — so long as you’re a member of the Party and of a protected class. The media will tell you who belongs to the protected class and who does not. White heterosexual males will never, ever belong to that protected class. White women or white gays will belong, but only if they comply with the Party doctrine. Transgendered persons have unlimited rights and privileges without boundaries, absolutely and forever. Nonwhite people will be members of the protected class forever — UNLESS they stray and oppose the views of the Party, in which case they will be shamed, have their bank accounts frozen, their pets and children confiscated and (in the forthcoming regime) imprisoned or executed.

Freedom of speech means freedom ONLY to have what makes you comfortable stated, and NEVER having to hear someone say something that makes you uncomfortable. “Comfort” and “discomfort” are whatever the Party defines those as; the criteria can be contradictory and transient on any given day, faster than a changing position of Party medical chief Dr. Fauci. No matter. Just shut up and take it.

We’re considered racist, misogynist, anti-intellectual, anti-science and anti-freedom if we challenge even one of these points.

It’s nothing new. Tyrannies and dictatorships have always started out as cultural movements (initially in the fringe minority) and eventually morphed into universal, totalitarian government policy. We’re in that transition now. Tyrannies have always been intolerant and brutal while claiming to be the exact opposite. Today’s progressives are no better, no different and potentially a lot worse than any dictators in history. Until we treat them as the evil, irredeemable, uncompromising and lethal opponents they are, we will continue to lose.

For an example, look at Canada right at this moment. And they’re just getting started. [Pictured: Canadian police, just following orders, charge and prepare to open fire, if necessary, on peaceful protesters who don’t wish to be forced to wear mask and obtain vaccinations forever.]





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