Tyranny is Staring Us in the Face: And Most of Us Still Deny It

Nobody talks about mental health anymore. All we hear about is the cold and flu. THE central purpose of life, we’re told, is to avoid the cold or the flu — at all costs, including our centuries-long, fought-to-the-death-for freedom.

Canada is now an open totalitarian dictatorship. Yes, that’s the correct term. Any government that may seize the bank accounts, children and pets of its citizens merely because those citizens annoy and anger the government by criticizing it IS a totalitarian dictatorship. You are no longer free to act or speak without the express consent of the government. No rule of law, no due process, no controversy, no political repercussions for violating the rights of private citizens with the force of a Mussolini — nothing. Granted, Canada does not have a Bill of Rights. But Canada was closer to the United States for its freedom than any other country besides Great Britain. For all practical and principled purposes, that freedom is now gone in Canada. Will the United States be next? We’ll soon know. I believe it’s already gone and most of us don’t want to see it, but events are unfolding that will help us become even more sure. The truckers’ Freedom Convoy is spreading to the United States and has plans to protest. How long do you think it will take the Biden regime to freeze the accounts and threaten to seize the pets and children of anyone who gives over $25 to support the truckers? And how long before social media shuts down any discussion or mention of it? Sure, some courts may strike it down — 9 months or two years down the road, if ever. So what?

The mental health toll of the past two years (and counting) is too great to calculate. I don’t mean to minimize the mental health toll on people who live in brazenly and historically non-free countries like Russia, Cuba, North Korea or China. But people in mostly free nations now must adjust to the fact that they have no control or say over their lives — not any longer. All the government has to do is say, “There’s a flu out there!” and that’s reason enough for the government to do absolutely anything it wishes, any time it wishes, to whomever it wishes. Freedom of assembly, freedom to peacefully protest as the truckers in Canada did — do you think we really still have that in the United States? Do they still have it in Canada? This isn’t just theory. This is what’s actually happening — in Canada, in Australia, in New Zealand, in much of Europe and — perhaps with the same full force — soon in the United States.

The damage is already done, psychologically speaking. The vaccine mandates may have been the turning point. Although some courts have overturned the mandates while others have upheld some of them, the precedent has been established. A “President”, so long as he’s a member of The Party approved of by the media and all major corporations, may issue any executive order he wishes, any time he deems it a national emergency. It’s totally subjective and it’s not to be questioned. We still have some Trump appointees on the courts who will sometimes or often rule the right way. But after another 3-8 years of a Biden (or equivalent) regime, the courts will be gone, too. Then what?

I see it in my mental health practice. Not since 9/11 have I seen such a surge in anxiety. People get panic or anxiety attacks and experience excessive, out-of-context anxiety for no known reason. That period after 9/11 was temporary — a couple of months, at most. This has been going on for two years, and we’re now into year three. You might have thought things were moderating a bit, but the events in Canada, our neighboring mostly free country, have shown that the tyrants are just getting started. Until they are literally crushed and defeated — the same way Hitler and other thugs of history have been crushed and defeated — things are only going to get worse. Trudeau and his equivalents in the U.S., Europe and other countries are now empowered to go even further than they have. His crushing of the truckers with the crude tactics of a dictatorship has empowered dictators everywhere. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to get into their heads. I suppose it’s just denial. And an inability to believe that it can happen here. That’s the psychological part. You can’t take a free people and convince them they’re not free. Upheavals, wars and tyrannical outbursts have always been the exception, not the norm, in America, as well as other formerly free countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They’re simply not going to believe that their freedom is gone — at least, not most of them. Until it’s brutally and totally gone, and we’re not even free enough to think (much less say) these words.

The core of self-esteem is a confidence in your ability to think, take rational actions to preserve and expand your life, and to feel that you DESERVE the freedom of choice to do so. A person with self-esteem consistently feels all of these things. In America, especially, self-esteem was always (even in an unstated way) the expectation of people in their psyches. Tyranny removes the possibility of feeling any element of self-esteem, at least in most people. Tyranny is a malignancy and a cancer, and it destroys the human soul and psyche with the same force that a biological cancer destroys the body. It does so slowly, but decisively. In Canada this week, tyranny achieved a decisive victory, perhaps the biggest one yet in the ongoing war against liberty of the last two years.

Sometimes cancer — psychological or literal — can be effectively treated and cured. But so long as so many remain in the perfectly understandable denial that most of us still experience in the “free” world, we don’t stand a chance. If you can’t see that Justin Trudeau is no less a threat to human freedom than tyrants of the past — Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the Japanese Empire, all of them — then I cannot help you. You’re going to have to save yourselves — if you can, and assuming it’s not too late by the time you finally wake up.



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