Civilization on the Rocks

“This Could Cost Him His Job”: Truckers, Mandates Absolutely Crushing Trudeau, Poll Shows [The Daily Wire headline 2-13-20]

Cost him only his job? He should pay with his freedom. Arrest him, convict him of violating all the rights of citizens and LOCK HIM UP. That goes for all politicians who have done this to us. I realize it won’t happen. And that’s why the world is in the state it’s in.


“Biden Tells Putin Ukraine Invasion Would Bring Swift, Decisive Response” NEWSMAX headline

Emperor Biden may discover that inhabitants of a nation riddled with mask mandates, forced vaccinations, insanely woke ideas and censorship do NOT fight as effectively as free men do.

Go for it, Joe. 🙂


DemComs in America stand ready to SMASH any and all trucker protests. No time to go wobbly, truckers. New York’s fascist governor already has them on notice.



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