Mandate Freedom: Canada’s Truckers Inspire the World

“Do you think I care? Do you think I care about a fine?” one protester said. “I’m going to pay a fine? No. You think I care about their mandates? No. This needs to end.”

THAT’S the attitude that sets men free.

The Canadian truckers are heroes. They are the true freedom fighters. We might all learn from their example.

The tyrants in charge DO have power. They have police, armies and bombs. They might yet use them against the truckers, in all honesty. Physically, there’s nothing to stop them.

But MORALLY — most tyrants are afraid. They count on the moral compliance of their victims to keep them from having to go all the way.

Millions and millions of previously free people have submitted to tyrants for two years now: wearing masks even though it’s stupid; getting untried vaccinations rushed to market by companies who gain unlimited profits and ZERO liability for their products; masking their children in school indefinitely; tolerating censorship, shaming, marginalization and threats against anyone who resists the Party line … The people who fought the British tyrants would have scratched their heads at their descendants who put up with so much that’s not only tyrannical, but absurd.

Sooner or later, we needed a mass resistance movement which stated, in clear and unblinking terms, “Whatever you do to me legally and physically, YOU HAVE NO MORAL RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU’RE DOING.”

You can do this through passive resistance, and you can do this in a more organized, dramatic matter as Canada’s truckers have done.

We desperately need the same in America — particularly in the blue states, but throughout the whole country. We need it from truckers and we need it from anyone who can organize and is willing to do it.

The puny little prime minister of Canada should be personally cut off — along with his family, friends and cronies — from all the benefits that truckers provide. That would probably end this crisis in five minutes.

Long live Canada’s heroes!




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