When a Clown Enters a Castle, and Other Bits of Wisdom

“When a clown enters a castle, he does not become a king; rather the castle becomes a circus …”

— Turkish Proverb


“Domestic terrorism” and “misinformation” are the new COVID. Censorship will be the new masks. Just watch.

Biden is blaming an alleged “heightened U.S. domestic terrorist threat” on the spread of “misinformation” — translation: political ideas with which he disagrees. THIS IS DICTATORSHIP.

How rich. The projection continues. These legalized mobsters are the very things they accuse dissenters of being. THEY are the liars, terrorists, thugs, censors and tyrants they tell us to fear. THEY are creating the very destabilization they claim is caused by anyone who dares to challenge or question them in the smallest way. [Daily Wire headline]


“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

— President Abraham Lincoln

Sadly, that ship has sailed — and sunk. Nobody living in a blue state will ever know the reality of the Constitution again. And the federal regime is working hard to make sure nobody anywhere in the United States knows the Constitution. It’s up to the people in red states and counties to fight back like hell. Because otherwise, the Constitution will be part of the ash heap of history.




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