Would Arresting Lawless Governors & Mayors Make America a Banana Republic?

Would it be turning America into a “banana republic” to hold governors and mayors accountable by arresting them and putting them on trial for their grotesque violations of Constitutional, as well as local, individual rights over the last two years? Here’s my answer to someone who raised that objection:

I don’t accept your premise. Your implied premise (which I realize you’ll deny, but it’s still implied by what you say) is that any behavior is acceptable by government officials, so long as we don’t become a “banana republic.” But we already ARE a banana republic — or worse — if government officials may declare “emergency” any time they wish and do anything they wish, with any rationalization, and then suffer NO consequences whatsoever when they suddenly set us “free.” Frankly, this is madness. Being a “banana republic” — whatever that term precisely means — is the least of our problems, by far. IF our legal system still has any validity (and I recognize it may be too far gone already), then no legal system worthy of the name would permit a governor or mayor to simply take over the private property and livelihood of individual citizens for a period of time, essentially kidnapping them or holding them hostage under a state of martial law, and then escape the legal system.

The root of the problem, of course, is not really legal or political. It’s philosophical and also (as a secondary consequence) psychological. The majority of people are apparently so evil, so stupid or so cowardly that it’s not possible to muster up any version of my solution to the problem, i.e., to put them on trial. My best guess is that about a third of the population (the ones who still support Biden) are irredeemably evil and applaud the insanity; another third are befuddled, confused, indifferent or cowardly; and another third are damn angry, but for whatever reasons sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone or something to save us, as the tyrants go along their merry way unaccountable and unrestrained from doing even MORE damage tomorrow, next week or next year.




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