Joe Biden’s Incredible Weakness May Start World War III

Joe Biden and Putin spoke Saturday, but “Putin has already indicated he’s not interested in dialogue,” said Fred Fleitz, the vice chairman of the America First Policy Institute and the former chief of staff for the National Security Council. “He has a very low regard for Joe Biden. He and his officials have mocked Biden as being incompetent, too old on many occasions.”

Amazing. Fleitz is the spokesmen for conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters. Until the last few years, Republicans were on the side of military interventions, while Democrats were generally on the opposite side. Now it’s all reversed. Biden is about to get the United States into a dangerous conflict with Russia — for what purpose? — while Republicans say we should limit our military interventions to strict self-defense. How times have changed.

Joe Biden is perceived as weak because he’s actually weak. We saw this situation most acutely during the Jimmy Carter years, more than 40 years ago. The Biden weakness is far more extreme. Jimmy Carter treaded carefully — incompetently, but carefully — and while he seemed foolish he didn’t seem like a buffoon, as Biden always has been. And Jimmy Carter did not suffer from dementia, as Biden clearly does.

Most leftists don’t grasp how dangerous this situation might be. Biden could actually start World War III, especially if China decides to get involved.

Leftists are not worried about World War III. They’re far, far more concerned that somebody — somewhere, even one person — might not be wearing a mask.

I call this insanity merged with unspeakable evil, and evasion.

China and Russia are much more of a threat when the United States is weak than when the United States is strong, and means what it says. Putin clearly knows — like the rest of us know — that Biden has thrown its most independent and freedom-loving soldiers out of the military, because of the vax mandates. Putin also knows — like the rest of us — that the U.S. military is more concerned with promoting the transgendered and appearing woke in a way that leftist activists who could never operate a gun approve of. If you don’t think this looks like weakness to Putin and China, you’re out of your mind. If you don’t think they’re going to exploit this obvious weakness at some point by doing whatever the hell they want (something they never would have done during Trump’s presidency, or even Obama’s), then you’re beyond naive.

Everything Biden did has escalated this conflict and brought it to the point where (according to the evidence available) the Russians WILL invade Ukraine — because they can.

It’s power for its own sake. Putin is doing to Biden precisely what Biden has done to America: Exercise power for its own sake, because he can get away with it. In a way, there’s a perverse form of justice in it all. But everyone else will suffer, and thousands or even millions could end up dying because of it.

Dictatorship begets dictatorship. It’s not a good time for the world, especially when the United States has an inept dictatorship competing with the far more seasoned and experienced dictatorships of Russia and China.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for creating all this disaster. Thank you, Biden voters, for your ignorance and malfeasance which placed your neurotic desire to remove President Trump’s brash style and replace it with something like the Biblical end of days. I hold each and every one of you responsible for your errors and evasions. Whatever bad happens, you will be the ones who deserve it all.



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