People Who Tell You What to Do Are Doing You No Favors

People who tell you what to do have no respect for you. In effect they’re implying, “You can’t think for yourself. You need me to think for you.” They do not CARE about you. They care only about imposing their own reasoning on you, not because it betters your life, but because it makes them feel important.

Such people are neurotic; they have no sense of authentic self-worth, so they need you to give them a false sense of it, through controlling and ordering you. If they get physical coercive power — as in a government, a gang or a mob (today those are all the same things) — then they aren’t just neurotic; they’re evil.

Avoid such people at your peril. You’re better off with your own mistaken thinking than the thinking of someone who does it merely to control you. Errors are OK, because they are correctable — once again, through your own thinking. If you leave your life to the control of a neurotic or a thug, then you’re worse off than you ever could be through making honest, independent mistakes.



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