Biden Regime Telling Us Not to be Anti-Semitic? It’s a Sick Joke

File this under the “They Can’t Be Serious” department …

White House national security adviser says we should ‘raise our vigilance’ against acts of anti-Semitism, ‘particularly at synagogues and places of worship’ … [Fox News.]

Maybe YOU, Biden regime members, should STOP enabling and supporting anti-Semites in your own party (AOC, that horrible “Squad”) who openly call for the destruction of Israel and who use their perches in Congress to spit out hateful, discriminatory vitriol against Jewish people on a daily basis.

Maybe YOU, Biden regime military brass, should STOP enabling and supporting virulent, hateful and dangerous regimes like Iran — who, among other things, call for the annihilation of Israel and (what’s left of) the United States, and will surely act on this the moment they can … a moment that will come a lot sooner thanks to the moral support, military help and fiscal subsidies going to that Iranian regime because of Obama-Biden policies.

And, while we’re at it: Maybe YOU, the foolish Jewish people out there who actually vote for the most anti-Semetic party/movement since Hitler, the U.S. Democratic Communist party, SHOULD STOP VOTING FOR THEM so we can significantly reduce anti-Semitism in our government and society.

[Photo: Breitbart News]



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