Pandemic Insanity: The Underlying Causes

COVID fascism is evil. COVID hysteria is a sickness — a mental one, not a physical one. Increasingly, I see evidence in support of an underlying cause for the mental sickness. People — millions of them, perhaps 30-40 percent or more of Americans — WANT a calamity. Things were going SO well in 2019. Those who miss those times are NOT the mentally sick ones. The mentally sick ones are the ones who don’t feel there’s meaning or purpose in their lives unless there’s a disaster. They WANT a modern-day Great Depression; or World War II. These are the people who use the word “pandemic” over and over and over again…And these are the same people who want everyone to know they got vaccinated; but they also LIKE telling people, “Oh, I tested positive for COVID.” Sure, in 99 percent of cases or more either they don’t get sick, or their sickness is no worse than an aggravating cold or flu. But they never used to tell the world they had a cold or the flu. With COVID, it’s different. COVID is a badge of honor. “Look at me. I’m suffering. I’m sacrificing. I mean something. My life means something. It’s all for the Cause.”

It’s deeper than politics. Of course, the type of people I describe are overwhelmingly if not exclusively Democrat-Communist. That’s because the Democrat-Communist “progressive” movement is all about suffering, sacrifice and giving up. They hate capitalism — even though they happily accept its comforts and wealth — so COVID gives them an opportunity to undermine and disparage prosperity. “Oh, it’s a terrible thing. The world is suffering. So much selfishiness! People are so bad! But what an opportunity for us to pull together.” Of course, it’s B.S. The same people who spout this crap are the ones now on the verge of creating political dissension camps for the unvaccinated, those who voted for Trump, and those who don’t want their children taught Marxism and racism in government-run schools. They don’t care anything about community spirit. But they love the opportunity to see people suffer because — well, because they are sick. And they are sick because they feel life isn’t worth anything unless people are suffering — perhaps even themselves.

I have known and written of all these themes for three decades now. I have seen these themes play out in the clinical depression and anxiety disorders I have counseled people for over many years. But I never, ever envisioned that I would be living in a time when America would be so consumed by such a mentality that we would almost overnight morph into something very close to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Mental health matters. I’m a psychotherapist, and I always knew that. But I never knew how much until I lived through America, and the whole Western world, going insane.




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