Fake Insurrection Day

“January 6” in a nutshell: Leftists trying to silence criticism and peaceful protest. Forever, in America.

Biden didn’t address the nation yesterday morning. He addressed his own party. Half the country can go to hell, as far as he’s concerned. Right back at you, creepy Joe. I am waiting for the divorce.

No, Harris and Biden, you are wrong. “January 6”, whatever that means, is NOT another Pearl Harbor or 9/11. YOU two, and the people you work for, are another Pearl Harbor and 9/11. You are destroying our economy, our culture and our Bill of Rights — with a ruthlessness and recklessness that even the perpetrators of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 could never have envisioned.

Snowflake tyrans onf MSNBC, CNN and at the NY Times and Washington Post are scared of a real insurrections. It’s so easy to scream and shake fists over a FAKE insurrection.

As Ed Mazlish wrote on Facebook: If they want to call it an insurrection, they need to charge and convict on counts of sedition. Given that hundreds of people are still locked in jail a year later without having been charged, let alone convicted, of sedition, the only insurrectionists today are the ones falsely crying “insurrection.”

Assess the moral status of people who want rapists, murderers and looters released without bail while peaceful 2020 election protesters (guilty of misdemeanors, at worst) are jailed indefinitely, without due process. THESE are your friends and relatives who support Democrats, leftists and Bidenistas. They are the problem. Stop complaining about Biden. Look at the people around you who are doing this to us!

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that downplaying what happened during the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was “its own form of violence.”

TRANSLATION: “If you don’t agree with my characterization of something, then you are committing an act of violence.” Violence, of course, is against the law. So if you don’t agree with me — off to prison camp with you.

If you don’t think these people are dangerous tyrants who are a real and present threat to your liberty, and potentially to your life, then I cannot help you.



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