Can the Supreme Court Be Counted on to Abolish the Vax Mandate?

I would like to express confidence in our system of government, designed by far greater minds than we see around us today. But the same Supreme Court, headed by a compromised and corrupt “conservative” who would not even consider the egregious examples of questionable election procedures in Pennsylvania and elsewhere back in 2020, surely cannot be counted on to strike down nasty, demented and corrupt Emperor Biden’s vaccine mandate– even for the wrong reasons, as conservatives so often do. There’s the great Clarence Thomas and maybe one or two others sitting on the high court but, if we’re real about it, there will be no victory for individual liberty in the Supreme Court over the vax insanity, because 1-3 good guys cannot override evil or simply stupid associates who outnumber them. Even if there is an unexpected victory– the tyrants will simply ignore it, eliminate the filibuster and stack the Supreme Court to rig a new decision. We are in a post-America America. I prefer to stop dreaming of the past and ready myself for the divorce. In the meantime, IGNORE and DEFY the arrogant imbeciles who occupy the former US republic until we can break away and deprive them of the unearned power they have acquired.

At some point, “conservatives” will have to stop being conservative. WE are now the radicals. We are up against the most corrupt, well-funded and powerful establishment in all of human history. WE are the ones who must disrupt, disobey, destabilize, override and overturn EVERYTHING. I know you don’t want to hear this. You want to preserve what you knew. But everything you knew is either gone, or going. And soon enough, you will see it’s true. These are not times for the weak of heart.



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