January 6? The Real Insurrectionists Are in Today’s Government

Two lessons from January 6:

One, we need a Speaker of the House who actually assumes responsibility for keeping the U.S. Capitol safe. We did not have that on 1/6/21.

Two, you create political unrest when you perpetuate election fraud, one-party rule, and totalitarian dictatorship. The more you enslave people, the more they will rebel and the less they feel they have to lose.

American Marxists and American fascists who dominate our culture, media and government will commemorate January 6 because it’s in alignment with their toxic, depraved and violent ideologies. As with absolutely everything else: THEY, the leftists, are guilty of EVERYTHING they accuse their opponents of doing.

Democrats are a fusion of Communism and fascism. Their entire program is based on shaming, silencing and the use of violent force to achieve their collectivist, utterly unconstitutional goals. The Democratic Party is the real enemy of American freedom, not President Trump, Sean Hannity nor any of the others the toxic twits in power will villify on their Stalinesque holiday, January 6. The movement they have created has the potential to be even MORE destructive than the Communism and fascism we saw in the 20th Century. Don’t minimize the real threat to YOUR personal freedom and prosperity.

Why don’t America’s socialists and Communists simply leave? And go to Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea? Because they are not interested mainly in imposing “utopia.” They are interested mainly in destroying America. American leftists loathe freedom, they loathe themselves and, at the core, they loathe human happiness. They stay in America not merely because they’re hypocrites, but because they — in their malignant sickness– enjoy watching our destruction.



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