How Leftists Reconcile “Law & Order” With “Defund the Police”

Prominent Democrats, including San Francisco’s mayor and Queen Nancy Pelosi herself, are saying the crime wave in blue cities and states simply must stop. They talk about “stepping up law enforcement.” Pelosi actually expressed surprise and confusion over why law and order are suddenly breaking down, since 2020.

Good grief. How can they be so stupid? Or clueless?

They’re neither. They know what they’re doing. You have to understand: Leftism is all about OPTICS. Reality and virtue (to social justice warriors) are defined by your perception of how you appear to others. In philosophy, I have read the term “social subjectivism.” Subjectivism means reality is what you FEEL it to be; that feelings alone (not facts) are truth. With social subjectivism, your perception of what others think or feel about you — your feelings about what others feel — defines truth.

To leftists — and this includes all the Communists, socialists, green fascists and cultural fascists of our era — it’s all about optics. When Nancy Pelosi comes out for defunding the police, she feels her colleagues and admirers are admiring her for being against racism. When she turns around an hour later and says law and order must be restored, and law enforcement must be stepped up, she’s simply going on a different, still socially subjective premise. It’s like the last thin hair of rational justice is asserting itself in her mind — NOT because she cares anything about real justice, but she feels it will score points with others, since she is, after all, in a position of authority.

Leftists, in one respect, are like reasonable people: They don’t wish to be robbed, raped or murdered. In fact, their sense of self-preservation may surpass that of most other people. But they also care deeply about optics, about being able to FEEL that others approve of them and perceive them as (above all) non-racist — which applauding, supporting or at least refusing to condemn the “defund the police” movement enables them to do. It’s a form of virtue-signaling. Virtue-signaling is the means by which social subjectivism expresses itself, psychologically and behaviorally.

Yes, it’s sickness. It’s neurosis at a conversion point into psychopathy and even sociopathy. No individual can sustain or ultimately survive such a lethal, insane contradiction. Neither can a society. And, at least right now, the sickest inmates are in charge of what has become the asylum, the government of our once proud and decent republic.

We have got to get them out of power — ALL of them. ASAP, if not sooner. If not, we will not survive.




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