Build Back Better: Psychopathology Applied to Government

“Build Back Better” — the Orwellian name for Biden’s monster proposal for fascism and socialism — illustrates everything that’s wrong with our government and culture.

Consider the type of person who exploits or creates crises in order to feel superior and useful. Families are full of people like this, as are businesses.

“Build back better” refers to rebuilding after a disaster caused by government interventions — lockdowns, mask mandates, mass fear-mongering, etc. Government is praising itself for cleaning up ITS OWN MESS. And it’s spending trillions of dollars belonging to THE VERY PEOPLE IT VICTIMIZED.

The narcissist, the sociopath, the psychopath or the borderline personality — these are all the personality types who create and exploit problems in order to make everything about THEM.

That’s precisely what our elites, politicians and their media are doing — only there’s no escaping it. If you have a toxic boss or co-worker, you can change jobs. You can divorce a toxic spouse, and minimize your contact with (even cut ties with) toxic family members or friends.

But you can’t escape the consequences of “Build Back Better” and its many equivalents — inflation, supply chain crises, vaccination passports, vaccination mandates, and all the rest of the totalitarian nightmare unfolding.

Whether Biden’s monster bill passes or not, you can be sure we’ll get all or most of its provisions. In words and deed, Biden has made it clear that what he can’t get legislatively or through the courts, he’ll simply issue by executive edict. And if a court stalls or strikes down his executive edict, he’ll simply ignore it.

Totalitarianism ONLY flourishes where self-esteem, self-respect and individual assertion are on the decline (or dead). It’s safe to say that rational individualism is dead at universities, in the media, in big corporations and in other arenas of elite culture. Rational individualism is not dead in the rest of America. It’s not exactly flourishing, but it’s clearly not dead, and in the hearts and minds of some it’s flourishing. But it’s under attack as never, ever before in American history. It remains an open question how much longer individualism can survive, much less flourish, in the face of relentless governmental, media, educational and cultural attack.

America, right now, is undergoing its own Maoist Cultural Revolution. Build Back Better is only one small component of that. How well will this cultural revolution succeed, even when backed up by brute force, as it increasingly is? We will soon know.



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