Facebook Censors: America’s Mussolini

Facebook strikes again. Last week, they flagged one of my posts. It was a Mussolini quote. They said it violated their Community Standards, and suspended me for a week. Interesting, because when Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and AOC say the EXACT SAME THINGS that Mussolini used to say about the supremacy of the state over the individual, Facebook has no problem with it. Nevertheless, I posted the quote in order to disparage Mussolini, not to uphold him. I disputed their suspension, and they wrote back in agreement, saying they got this one wrong. My 1 week suspension was reversed. Then, mysteriously, about 8 hours later, the suspension was put back on. No reason given. When I inquired, the reason they gave for the resumption of my suspension was the original Mussolini quote post. I wrote them with screenshots of their having reversed my suspension earlier that day for that very post. All I got were form letter-type replies saying that various posts of mine over the past year had violated their Community Standards, blah, blah, blah. Interestingly, the PAST posts they say violated their Community Standards were also reversed by them, in many cases.

So it seems that Facebook can suspend you now for any reason it feels like, whenever it feels like it, with no internal consistency required. The “Community Standards,” aside from being unintelligible to anyone who lives outside the socialist woke Mecca of Silicon Valley, are not standards at all. They are merely feelings and whims. No surprise to me. That’s the mentality of any fascist totalitarian. Right now, they’re running a very influential company that most of us still use; they dominate the culture, although they don’t yet have an absolute monopoly on the dissemination of information and ideas. Imagine when, and if, these fascist totalitarians get control of the entire government. They’re on their way. Unless we find a way to stop them.




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