Stop Calling Them “Liberal”

“If I like what you say or do, then you may do it. If I dislike or disapprove of what you say or do, then you may not do it; it’s a felony. If you FAIL to do what I want, that may also become a felony.”

What used to label itself “liberalism” has come to this.

The proper term is: totalitarianism. We went from a totalitarian mentality in the ruling elites of the Obama years to the actual practice of totalitarianism in the socialist-Communist-fascist era of the Bidenistas.

Example: forced medical treatment. Example: government monitoring of your spending, via seizure of your bank account passwords. Example: forced mask-wearing. Example: forced closure of your business based on arbitrary, subjective standards of “essential” and “non-essential”. Example: Selective use of the police based upon political status — as in letting Black Lives Matter supporters loot and riot unrestrained, while arresting pro-Trump supporters, and denying them due process, merely for showing up at the Capitol.

As for inflation, generated by government debasement of the currency in order to finance unlimited government spending, their answer is: “Live off of our programs.” In other words: Live a borderline-poverty life with no hope of advancement. How liberal is that?

As for the ruining of our once great military, through deliberate strategic blunders designed to destroy that military, the answer to dealing with aggressive tyrannies in Iran, Russia and China: “If you can’t beat them — join them.” In other words: Become the totalitarian countries who wish to conquer us because we are not totalitarian; or at least, we didn’t used to be.

There is nothing whatsoever “liberal” about today’s ruling elites or the officially prevailing viewpoints. The true liberals are those who stand up to these irrational, insane, unjust and dogmatic edicts. The true tyrants are the ones who will force their victims to live lives of intolerable mediocrity, impoverishment, enslavement and despair — merely so they can feel virtuous and and powerful.



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