Bob Dole is a Hero Because in World War II He Fought Dictators Like Joe Biden

Biden reportedly called Bob Dole a “hero” at his funeral.

Why would Joe Biden call Bob Dole a hero? Bob Dole WAS heroic in fighting to help the United States and its allies defeat the Nazis and imperialist Japanese in World War II.

But Joe Biden is doing everything in his power now to ensure that the United States economy collapses, that its citizens become impoverished and that our military loses in the Middle East, against Russia and against Communist China.

Joe Biden’s destruction is helping ensure that the bloodsheed and suffering of men like Bob Dole doesn’t count for anything, in the end.

Joe Biden, given who he is and what he does every day, cannot possibly consider Bob Dole and other World War II veterans “heroes.”

But these veterans would be right to consider Joe Biden every bit as great an enemy as Hitler and the Japanese emperor in World War II.

Under Biden’s regime, we are an occupied country — little different, on its present course, from how a defeated United States would have looked back in 1945 had Dole and other heroes not done their jobs so well.


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