Words of Wisdom in a Sea of Insanity

Careful what you wish for. If Republicans retake the U.S. Senate, this hollow fossil will still be using his influence to make life easier for Communists. We need a new system. These awful people broke the republic our founders gave us.

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., gave Democrats until mid-December to find a resolution to raise the debt ceiling, but now he hopes to find GOP votes to support Democrats, and former President Donald Trump is blasting the Republican leader for folding on the issue.” [Newsmax]


Unemployment (or increasing employment drop-out) is GOOD news to tyrants; they want us shiftless and dependent. Rising prices are GOOD news to them; they want us poor and helpless. Virus outbreaks (real or exaggerated) are GOOD news; viruses give them an excuse to control. Wake up: Your “democratically elected leaders” are not merely fools; they are evil people.


Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows is suing Nancy Pelosi and every member of the January 6 Committee as “unconstitutional.”

Better idea: If the DemComs fail to pull off another election fraud since they only enjoy the support of about 30 percent of the population, and they therefore lose control of Congress in 11 months, then let’s wait until after the election and ARREST and criminally prosecute all of them for subversion of the Constitution and illegally harassing members of a previous government solely for political reasons. This has got to stop. And it will not stop until we thoroughly and permanently defeat and permanently remove from power every last one of them. And let’s start with Liz Cheney.


“The State reserves the right to be the SOLE interpreter of the needs of society.” — Benito Mussolini, 1934

Replace “The State” with “Fauci.” Or “CNN.” Or some actor or sports star. You get the idea.


Here’s the thing: Nobody is coming to rescue us. We are on our own. This isn’t depressing. It’s our strength and our power. We have to discover it — and use it.



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