Cher’s Ignorant Rant

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a nonpolitical culture? If we had limited government and even semi-rational intellectuals, it would be that way. But we don’t. Consequently, we have to know Cher’s political views. Because everything is political, and everyone speaks their minds — so long as their minds are leftist.

I always enjoyed Cher’s musical and entertainment talents. I admired her rise from nothing. If she stuck to what she knows, we wouldn’t have to know her profoundly stupid and ignorant social views. Yesterday, for example, Cher (like her fellow celebrities in Hollywood) claimed that Virginia has become a Nazi state. I find this incredible. Yes, Cher is ignorant. But her views are the same as those of any leftist. People with your and my views are called Nazi every day of the week — even as we oppose socialism!

Leftists are SOCIALISTS. Nazism is short for “national socialism.” They’ll reply, “But Hitler’s socialists were racist.” Well, they were anti-Jew, if that’s what you mean by racist. But today’s Democratic Party could not be more anti-Israel and anti-Jew. Their most influential members of Congress — those horrible freaks known as “the Squad” — say hateful things about Jews every day. Yet prominent Jews keep supporting Democrats. It would be like Jews applauding Hitler’s regime back in the day. I see no difference.

Cher is a prominent person. She’d fit in just fine in Nazi Germany. As for racism, Cher’s party is the party of Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory — not an optional doctrine for children at government schools — treats race as the most important attribute of a person’s character. The old-style white supremacists treated race as the most important attribute, as well. The only difference is that Jim Crow types said being white is superior, while CRT types say being black or dark is superior. Jim Crow and the KKK shamed blacks for being black, while CRT shames whites for being white. It takes a non-racist to say: RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHARACTER. FORGET ABOUT RACE. That’s all opponents of CRT are trying to say.

Yet ignorant, posing fools like Cher call us racists. And they accuse us of being National Socialists. Go figure.



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