America’s Civil War II Continues

New Jersey’s longtime state Senate president, Democrat Steve Sweeney, lost reelection, falling to a Republican newcomer whose campaign cost just $5,000 to Sweeney’s $1 million.

An early morning data dump saved the horrible NJ Governor, sadly.

Until we eradicate the early morning data dumps on election days, America will not be free.

It seems that when elections are close, Democrats can use the excuse of mail in votes to suddenly find enough votes (the vast majority of them Democratic) to swing the election in their favor. This is why Donald Trump is not in the White House, and Murphy still reigns as the fascist governor of New Jersey. In Virginia, the vote was not close; so the fraud didn’t work. However, you can be sure DemComs have made notes for next time.

The battles continue, and the war is far from over. Republicans won the battle of Virginia, the NJ state house seat and a few others across America. The DemComs retained the New Jersey governorship, proving that tyranny and fraud can still work. Democrats live for power. They will not go quietly. We are in a full-fledged war — not over politics, but over the Bill of Rights itself.

The latest version of the House Democrats’ massive $1.7 trillion reconciliation bill contains a provision guaranteeing four weeks of federal paid medical and family leave, even if you’re unemployed. [Fox News 11/4/21]

They want America to collapse. Paying people NOT to work and bankrupting the country is a good way to do it. Just like vax mandates, lockdowns, destroying the military, eliminating our country’s borders, inflating the currency and driving up the cost of fuel. These sociopaths know what they’re doing. How much longer will we take it?

Virginia went from blue to red this year because the government told parents: Your kids belong to US; not to you. The arrogance is unprecedented. Government schools will never teach kids HOW to think; only WHAT to think. Defund the schools, and let the free market for education work.

A billboard says, “Trump may have hurt your feelings, but Biden is hurting your family, finances and your freedom.”

If Trump hurt your feelings, you’re a snowflake and you need to learn emotional self-regulation. All Trump did was say the obvious, plain truth — in a culture so at war with objective reality that truth-speaking is no longer tolerable.



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