The Battle Continues

Virginia’s new Lieutenant Governor Winsome. I’m with her!

Meet Winsome Sears, the new Lt. Governor of Virginia. She’s pro-2nd Amendment, anti red-flag laws (where DemComs arbitrarily decide who’s “mentally ill” and cannot own a gun) and a former Marine.

THIS will make leftists foam at the mouth even more than Trump did, especially if she rises to national prominence. Not that most of them aren’t foaming at the mouth on a good day. What a refreshingly wonderful development! Thank you rational Virginians.

Some of my social media memes from the last day or two:

Imagine how well Republicans would do if elections weren’t filled with fraud, mail-in ballots and all the rest.

Leftists are pissed off. Be careful. When you trigger them, they respond with rioting, looting, jabbing, lockdowning and censoring.

Creeps, crooks and Communists will NOT be the future of the United States of America.

Criminals and sociopaths, which all Democrats in office are, turn on each other. Will this be the end of Biden’s miserable presidency?

Lesson of Virginia: Elections still matter. The fraud and dishonesty are unrelenting. FIGHT on. Evil is weakness.

Will Youngkin be a Romney or a DeSantis?

Media election coverage summary: Races won by Democrats are over; races won by Republicans are NOT over until all the votes are counted.

Republican victories are not a surprise. Of course they’re winning. Biden is a wrecking ball. In 9 months he has almost obliterated Western civilization. The question is whether Republican victories will be honored and accepted by a rotten-to-the-core criminal establishment: By the thoroughly rancid media, schools and government agencies who control so much. And will we be punished with looting, lockdowns and tyranny? We shall see.

Regarding New Jersey’s fascist Governor Murphy prevailing after an early morning vote dump: Sad. If you live in New Jersey, brace for more lockdowns, even higher taxes and who knows what horrors to come.

Frightened tyrants tighten the chains. Look for more vax, mask, green and IRS mandates from Biden regime. Look for unconstitutional executive orders. This is far from over. It’s the media, the federal government, rotten career politicians, woke corporations and Marxist-run schools VS. the people. The battle is on. Be cheerful. Frightened tyrants are a good thing.



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