The Alec Baldwin Fiasco: A Metaphor for EVERYTHING

This Alec Baldwin fiasco is such a metaphor. Here’s a man who has preached Communism from his elite, insulated Hollywood perch for decades. He has also preached the eradication of guns, even as he proceeded to use a gun — incompetently — in his job, resulting in the tragic death of a colleague. WE should not be allowed to own guns, according to unfiltered statists like Baldwin, even if we are rational and capable of using them in proper settings (e.g. self-defense). HE, on the other hand, should be allowed to use a gun in a more dangerous context than most of us will likely ever face, because he’s in favor of gun control. Think about it: “Guns are evil; because they are evil, you may not own one, not for any reason; I, on the other hand, may own a gun because I am sanctimonious enough to say that guns are evil. That makes me privileged.”

Communism, 21st Century style, is all about the elite entitlement and absurd, almost humorous, double standards of narcissistic fools who actually are convinced they’re equipped to rule the world when they can’t even manage their own daily lives. It’s all so grotesque, and so rabidly unjust, that we’re hardly able to find the words to name the underlying evil so obviously involved. Should Alec Baldwin be criminally prosecuted (I doubt it), he’ll surely be able to pay his way out of it (with the wealth he despises, being a socialist); and, even if not, he’ll surely be able to talk his way out of it because of his elite, Communist standards. These are not good people who are trying to rule us. They are not merely stupid. They are really, really bad.



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