Why Do Most Blacks, Gays & Latinos Embrace Communism?

I don’t understand why so many black people support Communists. Why shed the chains of slavery and the humiliation of Jim Crow only to replace them with the slavery of supply chain breakdowns, hyperinflation, bare minimum government incomes and the humiliation of vaccine segregation?

I don’t understand why so many gay and lesbian persons support Communism in America. Why celebrate your ability to be married and love whom you please while condemning yourself and your beloved to a stagnation and decline in your standard of living and the obliteration of all your INDIVIDUAL rights? What good is the sex partner of your choice if you may not own (or cannot afford) the bed you sleep in, or the house you live in?

I don’t understand why so many Latino or Hispanic immigrants from Communist countries support Communism once in America. What in the hell is wrong with them…do they not even realize what they risked life and limb to flee?

The world is upside down. It’s morally and intellectually inverted. Metaphysically, it’s a benevolent universe where reality and nature DO make sense. But today, at least, most of the people make no sense at all…



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