The Psychopathology of “Karen” is Wiping Out Freedom

When you’re addicted to something, you can never get enough of it. The pursuit and attainment of the thing to which you’re addicted doesn’t lead to fulfillment; it leads to frustration, anxiety and more of a compulsive drive toward the object of addiction.

Heroin addicts, for example, often say that their entire heroin career consists of chasing that first heroin high — and never getting it.

We live in an era where addiction to control of other people is at an unprecedented, totally psychopathological high. I am not only talking about the people in power; they are self-evident sociopaths. I am talking about the millions who support or applaud them. Even if only 30-35 percent truly support these sociopaths in power (and in places like California and New York it’s surely higher), this is a shocking and perhaps unsustainable number of people to be experiencing a psychopathology in the form of compulsively needing to control others.

It started with face masks and it has moved to forced participation in medical experiments. The more control they get, the more control they demand. It’s never enough. That’s a red flag for psychopathology and addiction. COVID is the original trigger point. It will extend beyond medical fascism, left uncorrected or unchallenged; my eye is out for green fascism.

In many ways, the crisis of the American republic and the human quest for freedom is not due to the morally and intellectually tiny sociopaths ruling us, at present. In a healthy, rational culture, there’s no way that the Gavin Newsoms, Nancy Pelosis or Joe Bidens would have much of a say in anything.

These sociopaths are just being sociopaths. It’s what they do. The real sickness and evil is fueled by the people who falsely believe they can and should be able to control others. What these millions of mentally sick souls have yet to grasp is they will never control others. Manipulate, harass, or intimidate others? Absolutely. Imprison and ultimately round them up and kill them? If our present course remains unaltered, surely that will come.

But to truly CONTROL others you must drive their hearts and minds. It will never happen. And it never will. Dictatorships, while they always do enormous damage, always fail, in the end. Psychopathology is weakness, and it has no lasting power.



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