After COVID, ANYTHING GOES for the Government

If the government may do ANYTHING it wishes in the name of the “common good” — as it has done with COVID … then why may the government not do anything ELSE it wishes in the name of “the common good”?

Food rationing, gas and electricity rationing, travel limits based on what the politicians want … career choices, school choices, the types of clothing or merchandise you buy …

ANYTHING, absolutely anything at all, can be rationalized in the name of the common good.

And your local “Karens” can be counted on to spy, take pictures or whatever else they feel like, if the government wants evidence of violations, in the name of what the government calls the common good.

By failing to fight COVID tyranny because, “Well, it’s only temporary, and it’s only about COVID”, you have paved the way for the government to control every detail, choice and aspect of your life as you have known it.

By the time your grandchildren are grown, they might not care.

But for you and your children (if they’re under 20 or 30), for people who have always known freedom, it will be painful. It’s difficult having the greatest degree of freedom ever known to mankind and then suddenly NOT having any of it.



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