If They Lose in 2022 and 2024, Will Democrats Go Peacefully?

Let’s say the Republicans sweep the vote in 2022, massively retaking the House and the Senate. Let’s assume the Biden regime has not imposed a sweeping dictatorship by that time, instead of the dictatorship-in-stages they’re imposing now. So let’s say the Republicans win. What happens next, do you think? Will the Soros-funded and other Marxist/fascist organizations of the current Democratic Party accept defeat peacefully? Will Facebook and Twitter allow victorious Republicans to celebrate on their social media sites? Or will they use their money, influence and power to do what they successfully did in 2020 — start riots in the cities, all still run by left-wing mayors? Or do something equally sinister that decent people cannot dream up?

We know from experience in 2020 that they started riots and the mayors and governors of those Democratic states and cities enforced the law selectively. It was nothing more than legalized terrorism — and it was temporary, until Trump left office. Trump’s defeat was a reward for deceit and violence. If Republicans make a comeback, paving the way for Trump’s return or someone like DeSantis to step into the White House in 2025 (again, assuming there still is an American republic at all, by that time), do you think they will take the defeat calmly and simply say, “Well, better luck next time”?

Remember, these Democrats are the same ones now literally laughing at a breakdown of the supply chain and the early stages of hyperinflation. They are the ones shoving needles into the arms of citizens and promising to secure everyone’s private passwords to enter their bank accounts. They are the ones promising to end the filibuster and stack the Supreme Court so they can completely rig our system with one-party government. They are the ones laughingly destroying our military the same way an occupying country who defeated us after a long war would do. They are the ones who got into power with the help of force (Black Lives Matter terrorism), fear (wildly exaggerated COVID threats) and fraud (mail-in voting).

Do you think these people who still call themselves Democrats and “progressives” will surrender, even temporarily, just because Republicans win? If so, what’s the basis for your assumption?



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