“Weakness Arouses Evil”? You Bet It Does

“Weakness arouses evil,” Mike Pence warned Sean Hannity a few days ago. He was talking about Biden’s disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan and the general weakening of the U.S. military, through Maoist “wokeness” training and other factors. He’s also talking about the growing ability of Communist China to launch nuclear weapons around the world.

Eloquent words. But it’s doubtful that Mike Pence grasps that his words apply equally well to Joe Biden himself, and the entire Democratic Party. America is like an occupied country. Joe Biden threatens citizens who won’t do what he wants with executive orders about everything from vaccination mandates to surrendering guns (that’s coming next) to handing over your bank and financial passwords to the IRS so they may find out what you’re spending money on.

Sure, in many cases Biden would prefer legislation (over executive order) with the help of a Democratic-controlled Congress. But one way or another, we will all answer to his demands — and the demands of the people who set his agenda for him.

Let’s be honest, just for once. Evil has been aroused in America because about a third of the country wants it; another third of the country is so scared of a virus with a 1 percent death rate that they will tolerate literally ANYTHING to avoid it; and another third of the country (people like Pence) can hardly grasp what’s happening, so they opt (for now) to pretend they’re living through some kind of reality show or Netflix series, while engaging in the pretense that rigged presidential elections will fix a country in the process of being systematically decimated at this moment.

Evil refers to the desire of a person to hold unwarranted power over others; and to act on that desire. Evil people in government are the most dangerous, because they hold unchecked power, even life or death power, over the lives of millions.

Because the United States was once a free country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that had to be upheld (and usually was upheld), evil is particularly dangerous here because people in office can act under the pretense that they’re still upholding that Constitution when in fact they’re doing just the opposite.

When evil is in the hands of a known buffoon like Joe Biden — surely not your granddaddy’s Hitler or Stalin — then it’s somehow even more dangerous, because it all seems too absurd to be possible. And then the next thing you know … cattle cars. Or their twenty-first century equivalent. We’re so much closer to that than anyone thinks, and the actual FACTS — what Biden and his regime are doing every day — support that assertion.

Other than a few heroic pilots who fly for Southwest Airlines and some medical professionals willing to walk off their jobs over a government-mandated experimental flu treatment, not a lot of Americans seem to be awake yet. They’re either riddled with fear, or they’re lunatics themselves, as many Democrats are; or they just can’t believe it, and assume it will pass on its own.



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