How Much Longer?

Most people who treat you badly are not narcissists or sociopaths. Most people who treat you badly are treated badly or unfairly by others — and they take it. They assume it’s OK to take it, and because they assume it’s OK for THEM to take it from others, they assume it’s equally OK for YOU to take it from THEM.

It’s the circle of dysfunction. It starts with friendships and families. It spreads to workplaces and extended families. And it climaxes in entire societies.

It even happens with governments. The majority of us probably don’t like the way our tyrannical, brazenly disrespectful government is treating innocent, peaceful people. But most of us falsely believe we’re supposed to take it. So we take it, and allow it to be imposed on others, too.

It’s dysfunctional, unhealthy. It’s bad; it’s wrong. In the extreme (consistent) case it will lead to untold annihilation and destruction … even the death of millions, which has happened many times before.

Too many of us think that in order to be “good” people we must take whatever is handed to us — especially when it’s handed to us in the name of the “common good.”

Keep in mind that sociopaths, drug addicts and other unsavory people use these tactics all the time. They try to make good people feel guilty in order to get what they want. And that’s exactly what the sociopaths, narcissists, drug addicts and pedofiles in control of most of our government, corporations and culture are now trying to do to us.

They are parasites. They are the most worthless people imaginable who have managed through skill, deceit and cynical, cheap manipulation to gain unearned power. Their only weapon? Turning us against ourselves — and each other.

The only questions are: How much longer? As their claims and transgressions become more and more outrageous, particularly in a historically free country, what will be the tipping point? What will be the last straw? How will we express it?

Will there be a last straw, or are all of us going to simply SUBMIT to absolutely everything, as we have up to now?

You’re not living in a novel or a Netflix series. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR liberty. It’s your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren. We are the only country on earth that ever has been close to fully free. And, right now, WE are the generation who is losing it all.

Everything is at stake. They are prepared to take absolutely everything from us — property, rights, our minds, our voices, our bodies — and they are doing it in plain sight.

Biden — that horrific, metaphysically unimportant creature that neither George Orwell nor Ayn Rand could have dreamed up — laughs as he does it, and his equally low-IQ understudy cackles in the background. These are not “Presidents” or “Vice Presidents”. They are barely human clowns who have been given weapons and instructions to destroy the world. And they’re eagerly doing it.

Freedom is faltering everywhere — even in highly unexpected places like Australia. Australia is now a prison camp, not unlike Communist North Korea. The police and military have turned on the citizens. If it happened there, you can better believe it will happen everywhere. America, in letting itself down, has also let down the world. And, at present, the entire world is going down. They were counting on America to stand up for freedom. If we don’t, or can’t, then how can they? There is nowhere to escape, other than possibly the sea or outer space. Is that really what most of us wanted?

It’s the biggest outrage I believe human beings have ever experienced. Perhaps the world has seen worse times, and darker times, but these are the most UNNECESSARILY evil times ever known to mankind. We had it all, and we squandered it. For nothing.

So ask yourself, and ask everyone important to you: How much longer?



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