Do Friends and Family Who Support Tyranny Deserve Your Love?

Cindy Dearth-Sabuco writes (on one of my Facebook discussion threads): “I’m saddened everyday by the willfully ignorant and the comments people make on [social media] daily. They add laughing emojis and wish death upon those not complying to this totalitarian regime we are seeing first hand.

I’ve had people say to me….I’ve lost friends over my beliefs and I respond and say…they were never your friend to begin with…people are exposing themselves daily as horrible humans and I find it rather disturbing. I too have lost people I cared about but I also realize my focus isn’t on what was it’s on what needs to be and that’s the moral fight to end this tyranny we headed towards at a fast pace.”

I totally agree. If you have lost friends or family over disagreement about what’s happening in the world today, it’s not “just a difference of opinion.” In the old days (2019 and before), that may have been the case. But by now, your Biden-supporting, mandate-loving friends and family really have exposed themselves to be supporters of tyranny, Medieval-like or witch hunt-like, mindless group think, unless they totally disassociate themselves from what’s happening. These are not quality people, not if they do support it.

And, I’m sorry to say but it’s still true: They never were quality people. They probably were not even good people. I don’t know about you, but I do not want anything to do with bad people. And while not everyone is a sociopath or a serial killer, millions of us are surrounded by millions of others who would, quite frankly, have you sent to a Homeland Security camp simply for challenging your school board on the wisdom of teaching children highly controversial and questionable ideas about racial identity, Marxism and much else. And they want people who haven’t been vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t even work as promised to be denied medical treatment for anything else! Ask yourself honestly: Would a good person support such a thing?

I said all along that this would go way beyond COVID, and it has. COVID tyranny remains, and it’s expanding by the minute in vaccination mandates soon to be implemented (and which will also be expanded). But we’re now threatening to arrest people for differing views on educating children. Can you look at the people you like, know or love who actually SUPPORT this insanity and injustice, and call them people worthy of your love?

A few years ago, I read Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here”, speculation on what a dictatorship would look like in 20th Century America. A few years ago, when I read that book, the REAL events of 2021 would have seemed more surreal than the events of that book. And remember: These terrorists and thugs — this horrific hybrid of Nazism and Communism entrenched not just in government, but in the corporate world, the entertainment and sports world, and virtually all educational institutions — are just getting started.

America is being overrun by unaccountable, totally insane-with-power tyrants. It’s going to get worse, because at present there is absolutely nothing to stop them, and they know it. People who are OK with all these toxic, brazenly unconstitutional actions 100 percent devoid of ANY respect for individual rights, are the exact same kind of people who looked the other way, or even applauded, when Hitler sent victims to the concentration camps. And these are the people you — right now — still claim to like, respect or even love.



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