DemComs are the Actual Terrorists

DemComs are using violence as an excuse to prosecute views of people they dislike. For example: parents vs. school boards. ANY threat of violence by even ONE person is used as an excuse to investigate, indict and prosecute ALL people who criticize government-run schools. That’s tyranny. The DemComs hide beneath the skirts of “violence.” But they make the claim of violence against ALL opponents of CRT (or any other Biden regime policy) without sufficient (or even any) evidence. And they apply that insufficient or non-existent claim to ALL opponents of Biden regime policies, no matter how peaceful.

DemComs, like the Communists and Nazis who preceded them, cannot (or will not) distinguish between words and actions. To a totalitarian (which today’s DemComs are), the mere fact that you hold a different view — and express it strongly — is, to them, no different than an act of violence. Some of them even consider silence as an act of violence. They really believe this; they are this evil, and this insane. They did this with the January 6 protesters — the vast majority of whom were not violent — by brushing everyone present with the paint strokes of “domestic terrorist”, even holding them against their Constitutional rights without due process. This is not America.



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Note: Facebook has again suspended my account, this time until Oct. 18. They objected to my sharing a post by Brandon Straka, founder of Walk Away. That post was liked/shared at least 20,000 times, last time I checked, before they took it down. They claim that Straka is violent and dangerous, even though he has only been charged with a misdemeanor and has not been accused by the Biden regime of even entering the U.S. Capitol on January 6. My question: Violent and dangerous — by what definition, and to whom? As my post said: This is not America.