The Most Shocking Thing About Milley? He’s Not Under Arrest

A top general in the United States military took partisan sides and made an alliance with a foreign, enemy government (Communist China). And he’s bragging about it. In fact, he’s tripling down. No apologies. No accountability. He’s not going anywhere, and he knows it.

Would you have believed such a story five years ago? Or even a short year ago?

We’re hearing about General Milley’s “shocking admissions”. It’s not the admissions themselves that shock the most. What’s most shocking is that he expects no outrage, no accountability either in the media or the government, and that he expects simply to go back to work in the United States military in the active destruction of the United States. The American people have lost control of their government. Totally. Most of us, even those of us inclined to name the truth, have not let that sink in yet. Forget “conspiracy theories”. The betrayal of our country, including even through our own military, is being done in plain sight.




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