The Real Problem is Not Immigration; It’s American Communism

Tens of thousands of immigrants are flooding into the United States from Haiti and now Central America. Before it’s over, millions will have entered the United States.

The federal government isn’t following immigration laws, and isn’t acting like it’s supposed to. There’s not even any pretense. Immigrants are not being forced into vaccination or testing for COVID, like legal citizens are. They’re being promised unlimited free health care, income, schools — free everything, forever. Most of us will have to work to pay for these benefits so others may have them.

The issue isn’t just how many immigrants are coming under questionable circumstances. The question is: What kind of immigrants?

It’s hard to know; but it’s not hard to make an educated guess. The old idea of immigration to the United States was prior to the massive welfare-entitlement state we established in the mid 20th Century. At that time, in the 1800s and early 1900s, America had nothing free to offer — except for freedom and liberty. People drawn to America back then only wanted freedom. Because there was nothing else. To them, freedom was everything.

Politicians who talk today about how immigrants are the soul of America are living in the past. They’re referring to a time where America was fully free, including economically free, and by definition anyone who came to the country had to take care of himself … or rely, at most, on the voluntary good will or charity of private individuals. Not the government.

Today it’s different. And now, under Biden, it’s totally different from how it has ever been in America. The socialist, Communist left has completely taken over the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party has completely taken over every dimension of government and culture. We are in the midst of our own Maoist cultural revolution. In practice, this means that people flooding to America are flooding in to the largest, richest land of freebies and socialistic redistribution in the history of mankind. They are coming into a society where the people who work are told that they must provide unlimited wealth and prosperity for those entering, and that any resentment about doing so will be condemned as racist.

America is known throughout the world as the land of billionaires. Everyone wants to come here, quite naturally. But what most do not or will not understand (and DemComs will not help them understand) is that billionaires, aside from not being the norm even in America, can only occur in an economically free country.

Communist countries and socialist countries do not generate billionaires. Nor millionaires. Nor even a middle class. In Communist and socialist countries you have (1) an elite ruling class (perhaps 1 percent); and (2) otherwise impoverished people engulfed by economic stagnation and despair. We are transforming into that society as we speak. The early indicators are things like the national debt crisis and developing hyperinflation.

All of these immigrants have one thing in common: They are fleeing countries that are socialist or Communist. They’re coming to the United States because it has remained a mostly free country, and free countries are far, far better places to live than impoverished, unfree countries. But under the Biden regime we are literally transforming into a socialist state with unlimited wealth redistribution (Biden promising tax rates through the roof), and unlimited government controls (where government can force you to be vaccinated and censor what you read, hear or think, thanks to the compliance of left-wing tech giants).

It’s one of the great ironies of human history: Unprecedented numbers of poor, impoverished unfree souls are flooding into a country which used to be free, and is in the process of becoming the very kind of country they are fleeing.

The impoverishment and misery in America will not come all at once. I liken it to a fall from the World Trade Center, rather than a fall from a three-floor building. But it’s still a fall.

And, unless we massively and immediately reverse the Bidenista’s cultural and economic course, it’s not going to end well. Not for us, and not for these immigrants, either.



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